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I agree to the following Terms & Conditions:

I am aware that Grizzly Co Ltd has paid premiums to ensure my product(s) will be folded with care, hand wrapped and given the Grizzly Co Ltd stamp of approval before being shipped via The Royal Mail. The aim for delivery is within three days. However, under some circumstances outside of the control of Grizzly Co Ltd the product may be delayed.
My product has been quality controlled and meets high standards, however if there is an issue I understand the following: If I wish to return the product I accept that it is my resposiblity to ensure the product is unworn, unwashed and retains the original tags. I accept that returning the product to Grizzly Co Ltd will be at my cost. I am aware that if I have a question, concern or enquiry about my order I am to contact Returns@GrizzlyLtd.co immediately, quoting my order number.
I have read the Returns Policy and I am completely aware what I will be offered upon return of my product, and that given no alternative sizes or designs are available I will be offered a full refund (excluding the cost of returning the product to Grizzly Co Ltd). If the product is faulty, it will not be posted.
I agree I will only be issued a refund up to 14 days after my order was placed – any request for a refund after the 14 days period has lapsed will not be processed. I am aware that should I wish to cancel an order I must do so within 12 hours of placing my order, as Grizzly Co Ltd operats a quick turn around period in order to keep customer satisfaction levels high. I am aware the e-mail address for Cancellations is Cancellations@GrizzlyLtd.co should I wish to cancel my order. I am aware that full refunds will only be offered if the product is unword, unwashed and retains the original tags.
I am aware that Grizzly Co Ltd ensures that all stages are taken, and premiums have been paid by the company to ensure that it runs as Eco Friendly as possible with the knowledge, research and information available. The company will continue to ensure the products are high quality and continues to work with small companies.
Grizzly Co Ltd will not distribute your details at any point to third party companies.
By ticking the “I Accept the Terms & Conditions” box on the order confirmation page and clicking “Place Order” I confirm I have read the above Terms & Conditions where upon checkout I will be redirected to SagePay who will take my payment to ensure maximum security.
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